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What was your first PC and what do you have now.

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  • What was your first PC and what do you have now.

    So I was thinking about this the other day, most of us (older people more so) will of had PC's that couldn't even compete with a basic mobile phone these days so I was wondering for the sake of comparison what did you ahve all those years ago when you had your first taste of PC in all it glory.

    My first (real PC I had a commodore Plus4 before) was most likely a terrible prebuilt AST from about 95 it's spec was,
    100mhz 486 CPU
    4meg of RAM
    800meg hard drive
    CD ROM drive

    now my first gaming PC that was a,
    Pentium 2 400mhz
    256meg of ram
    Voodoo 3 GPU
    1.5gig hard drive

    what I have now is,
    Intel i5 2500k (clocked around 5GHz)
    8gig of RAM
    a pair of Geforce GTX 470's SLi
    Geforce 8800GT (physX card)
    ASUS D2X sound card
    about 6TB combined standard hard drives
    256gig Samsung 830 SSD

    so as you can see my PC experience has come a long long way, so how far back does yours go?

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    I haven't got much....This is my first build and others consisted of slapping in any GPU I could find into a Pentium...I think I slapped a GTX something or other into a Pentium 4 @ 3.0 for World of Warcraft a while back. It Didn't do that bad actually...The under watted PSU lasted a good 2 years before it finally crapped out on the cheap thing.

    Right now I have an FX 8350@4.5 and a 7950 paired up with the XT version of the 7870 a Plextor Pro 128 gb SSD and a 500 gb singledrive....Still a console gamer at heart, I use it as a current HTPC build and sit back in my chair with an HDTV.
    Until I get the money to grab something worth while@1440p I'ma stick with my T.V..


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      I don't know the specifications of my first PC but my mum got it me when I was 11 from one of those catalogue companies where you pay monthly by direct debit. Since I was 11 at the time that would put it around the year 1999-2000. It was a pre-built piece of shit, way overpriced at £1000. It had no graphics card and it was on windows ME. It froze on its first ever boot up. It played Age of Empires 1 and 2 quite well though it would slow down quite badly in AoE2 when the game progressed and everybody had quite a few buildings and units. It JUST played Aliens Vs. Predator 2 and Medal of Honour: Allied Assault with every graphics setting turned down to minimum and all frills (such as AA and shadows) turned off. It had an external 56k modem. It crashed a thousand times a day but you know what? It was my first PC and my first ever experience playing MoH:AA, AvP2 and AoE 1 and 2 in multiplayer and even though I always got my ass kicked because my internet and PC were both horrendous I still had lots and lots of fun.

      My second PC was also pre-packaged, Dell this time. It also had no graphics card but it at least had a fairly modern motherboard, CPU and 1GB of RAM and I got a graphics card put in later, a Radeon x800 pro, which allowed me to play Call of Duty 1 and Medal of Honour: Allied Assault with max settings and I had an absolute blast in those games in multiplayer.

      My third PC was my first purpose built gaming PC from a local PC shop. It had 2gb RAM, dual core processor and a decent graphics card (ATI 2xxx I believe). This PC was used to play Battlefield 2 and WoW heavily, also some TES: Oblivion. Oh and this PC played Crysis maxed out with a solid 30fps at all times. Never understood how people with way better PCs than this one had so many problems with it.

      My fourth PC was awesome, it was from Quad core, 8gb RAM, ATI 4xxx card, played everything maxed out - even Metro 2033. It's still in good working order and my sister uses it to play SIMS and Left4Dead2. I never really used this PC to its potential at all, mostly using it to play older games because I became disillusioned with new PC games being clones of each other, so I spent most of my time playing extremely old games that would've run fine on my second PC, maybe even my first. I consider this one a waste of money - a fantastic gaming PC but I couldn't bring myself to play modern games on it because they were all shit.

      My fifth and current PC is awesome. Quad core 15-4670 @ 3.4GHz, 8gb RAM, 4gb GTX 770, awesome case with a glass panel on the side, extra fans. Unfortunately I'm having the same problem with finding enjoyable, modern games as I had with my last one. So far I've used this PC to play around 900 hours of Crusader Kings 2 (which would've worked fine on either of my last two PC's), Civilization V (which I played on my third PC and it worked fine on there too as long as I didn't play on enormous maps with 12 AI's and 40 city states) and Skyrim (worked fine on last PC). I was thinking of getting Metro: Last Light but I objected to them making ranger mode a DLC. Oh by the way this current PC plays Rome 2 with literally every setting maxed out very smooth. Unfortunately Rome 2 is possibly the biggest fucking gaming disappointment I've ever had to suffer so while I bought it full price on release day I only ever played a couple of hours of it.


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        This is my first PC, got it back in 2000. Since then it has had 5 new graphics cards, 4 psu, 3 replacements CPUs, lots of different replacement ram sticks, and 2 new cases.


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          Not a hardware enthusiast so no in detail figures- but A company I was working at got bought out, and their existing kit mostly junked and replaced with the new companies supported models. They were literally going to junk the replaced kit, so I've now got 6 IBM lappy's and a year old HP z400 xeon quad core workstation with 12GB of ram.- all quite legally, signed off with the security officer and everything.

          I bought a cheap second hand graphics card off ebay for 30 squid and the z400 is now my gaming pc - goes like the clappers and you can't hear a sound unless you put your head right next to the case.. My existing pc, which was decent spec anyway got given to my youngest son, Gave lappys out to the kids who needed them and still have 2 left over gathering dust.

          If I could think of a use for it there's probably more kit up for grabs as well.


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            Dear god I can't remember. I got my first PC in 1997 (Dungeon Master/Civ 2 FTW), then replaced that in 1999 for one about twice as powerful. Then again in 2003. With THAT PC I learnt all about upgrading and it lasted till 2008 till the model I have now.
            Which, quite frankly, I could update, or just buy a new one.
            Hell, I can remember when 1 Mb was considered a lot of memory. My first computer had less memory than a modern calculator! ( A Laser 200. What can I say, I lived in Hong Kong.)

            Ten years ago, I knew fuck all about my job, but could build a PC from scratch. Now I know fuck all about PC's but am a master of my trade.
            I know which one pays the mortgage! (Ironically, even though I freely admit to knowing "fuck all" about PC's, I still know more than the entire IT department of the hospital I work in!)