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  • What's Wrong With My Computer

    So yesterday my computer just shut off completely. I tried to power it back on and it does power on, but no signal to the PC and Monitor and I was getting 5 consecutive beeps.. which means that the battery is either dead or needs to be reseated. So I went and reseated the battery, now I get no beeps and still no signal from my PC to the monitor. The PC powers up no problem, there is just no signal going to the monitor which makes me wonder if my Graphics card is the cause.. I don't really want to call someone to fix it yet, I would rather see if I can sort it out.

    I'm not sure what to do, I really don't have a clue about computers. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    So I have deducted so far that the monitor works, since I tried it on another computer.. I tried replacing the battery with another battery.. no luck. Tried reseating the memory and the graphics card about a dozen times now..


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      By the power going off I would be inclined to think it's the power supply, if you can get hold of a spare it would be worth a try.

      As would trying the graphics card in another pc to show if it is the card.


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        I don't think the power is the issue, the computer powers on no problem, it just isn't giving a signal to the monitor. The Graphics card fan seems to be working also... I hope it's not the motherboard. It's pretty fucked up, I wonder how much it will cost if I sent to get it repaired.. probably a shitload.


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          if your PC doesn't have enough power the fans can spin as they take low power but to do much else it won't have the power, it's why the fans spinning isn't always a sign of a working power supply.

          also depending on the age of your PC, if it has a motherboard with the error lights on the motherboard, keep a watch on them to see the one it stays red on as it will tell you where the boot up is failing.

          as for sending it away to repair if you did narrow it down to the motherboard you would be better off just buying new and doing it your self, it would be cheaper and at least you would get an upgrade in the process instead of the same thing put back in.

          but as I said best bet is testing the graphics card in another PC and a different power supply if you can get hold of one.