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AMD GPU's drop below a 20% market share.

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  • AMD GPU's drop below a 20% market share.

    Seem's AMD is loosing yet more ground to it's main competitors, this isn't good for the end user and AMD do really need to get back in the game or we are just going to end up with PC being a totally one sided market.

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    It's a big shame, but I can't say I'm surprised.


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      I just hope the new line can somewhat turn the tide as really a 50/50 split is best for the end user. these numbers came only a couple of weeks after the launch of the new AMD line so things may change but it's a worrying trend. DX12 may help them to an extent as it really reduces the need for day 1 drivers, but with the lack of a need for day 1 drivers they also have the problem where will Nvidia throw all that extra software development time, as they already budget for a new driver every big game that comes out.


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        if amd goes under i may end up giving up on pc gaming altogether.
        my whole reason for not buying intel and nvidia is their products are overpriced.
        they may beat out amd products on paper/benchmarks but you pay thru the nose for it.
        you hands-down get far more bang for your buck from AMD.
        and i am sorry but in real-world situations there is no need for that over-priced epeen.
        AMD products handle games just fine.


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          but Intel and Nvidia isn't expensive unless you want it to be, on the CPU's the i3's stand up to the top end AMD chips due to HT and being way more efficient and quite a bit cheaper, then in the graphics card if you compare the generations like for like the price isn't that different between Nvidia and AMD for GPU's the high price is a myth brought about by people not knowing what chips actually compare to each other.

          it's like people use to compare the 280x to the 780 to claim it was cheaper but the 290 was the competitor to the 780 and the price was much closer depending on the after market stuff. so while AMD may be "fine" they aren't really any cheaper in propper comparisons, in fact on the CPU's Intel can come out cheaper as a dual core using HT that is heavily optimised can beat an 8 core chip that uses an inefficient half core system, Intel is only more expensive as everyone thinks you have to go for an i5. but AMD's problems do still come out, their software support is the biggest thing holding them back, they still wont work with developers and they still struggle to get driver updates out, altho MS has helped them with the later as DX12 removes the need for day one drivers on as large a scale as they are needed now, but ultimately Nvidia has the money to do it so they will likely be pushing that software development to other areas pulling their software and developer support even further ahead.

          I use to always use AMD stuff, but ultimately since the core i line of CPU's came out and they bought out ATI there has been no reason to take AMD unless you are building a budget level machine as it is only the low end APU's that are worth buying.