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Can someone recommend me a good AM3 CPU

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  • Can someone recommend me a good AM3 CPU

    Needs to be a decent upgrade from my Phenom II X4 960T @3.GHZ

    I have no idea whay CPU's are good and what are shit. Can someone recommend me a good AMD chip for AM3 socket pls.

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    one issue i think you will find is that AM3 cpus that are better then what you have now are going to be hard to find and at a premium.
    for example neither newegg or tigerdirect even carry them anymore.
    i did find one on amazon for 320USD(205gbp) for that price you could get fx8320, asus mobo and 8g of 1600 ddr3 for 243usd(156gbp)

    i know things stuff are priced more over there but my point is unless the UK/EU is still selling am3 cpus for cheap it would be better for you to get a am3+ mobo/cpu and ddr3 ram.


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      The fx line for the most part is a step back from the phenoms the sacrificed core performance to have more cores, its why in gaming the i3 was beating the fx line.


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        maybe so on paper and benchmarks.
        but in reality i am using a fx8120 and have no issues whatsoever playing any game that is out there.
        it is paired with a 6850 1g video card and 8g of 1600 ddr3.
        it is strong enough to run 2 instances of borderlands 2 on 2 monitors on high settings and maintain 45+fps.
        IMHO the difference in real world performance between amd and intel is all about epeen....normal gamers really would not notice the difference.

        i honestly dont see a reason to pay the premiums intel and nvida set for their products.


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          I thought this may be the case as AM3 wasn't around that long before they moved on to AM3+ (which sadly my MOBO is not compatible with). Looks like I may get a new mobo and switch to pentium then as from what I gather they are the better of the two and hell, if I do that I may as well just build a new PC as my HD 6950 is starting to show its age now too. Just let the wife of my oldest boy have this PC and build something nice.

          Reason I asked is I bought Mortal Kombat X the other day for £6 and it performs terribly. Steam overlay says 60 fps but no way is it genuine 60fps. I know the game is shittly optimised anyway, but gave me a bit of a kick up the arse that things are only going to get worse from now on.


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            even in real world the peak FPS and bottle necking on new cards is quite profound.

            really a modern i5 despite being only a quad core will outperform the top end AMD's by a considerable margin, as the AMD's only use half cores so the core performance is really bad, it's actually why they moved over to APU's as they were having more luck targeting the low end market.

            really now if you going for a decent CPU the Skylark intels aren't much more than the top end AMD FX chips and even in the top end of the FX line the i3 haswell chips will match on performance for actually a lower price. but then intel also has a lot of other tech in the chips with every time increasing performance across the chip and increasing the way things are transported round the mother board (the reason for the socket and motherboard changes to take full advantage of the new chips) so really if you go for a skylark i5 and motherboard (think they still use DDR3 so you could likely salvage that) it will give you a better base going forward for when you can get a better card and most likely wont be fairly close to the price you would pay for AMD.


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              I was looking early in google search and found a PC gamer article and they say there is a 'dual core' intel CPU that almost performs the same as top end CPUS


              Here is the article


              Can a dual core really compare in this day and age? And a £30 CPU at that? Or is this a troll April fools article?


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                not any more, the i3 only manages it because Intel has got HT that efficient it runs really well as 4 threads despite being only 2 cores and still giving higher core for core performance than the AMD chips. so with most game starting to utilize 4 cores an i3 with HT will get by as it still runs well as a quad core, but the i5's being true quad cores will outperform by a fair margin.

                it's like my chip it's running with 12 threads due to HT, but turning HT off I can actually get even more core performance as it goes back to using 1 core for 1 thread, instead of running 2 threads through 1 core, it's why the i7's never really had much point over the i5 from a purely gaming standpoint as generally you had to turn the HT off to overclock well, the only difference is HT while it runs twice as much through a core it does load balance and it is more efficient than the half core system used by AMD (the reason the i3's out perform the 8 core AMD's) that they only used so they could claim a higher core count, by not having to say it is HT.

                so really if you go for anything I wouldn't go below an i3 with the amount of games coming out that need a quad core, meaning to buy a dual core non HT chip would likely end up being a downgrade from the phenom X4. it was true before the new consoles came out and games were designed for dual core, but now more are porting with quad core support (some with more) so the quad cores will pull way ahead. that article they tried older games designed for dual core, so really the problem they are seeing with it dropping behind and needing to be overclocked to actually perform will only get worse as time goes on.

                so as I said it would likely be a downgrade to go to a dual core and in the mid to long term you would probably wish you just spent a bit extra.