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when did CPU's stop coming with a cooler?

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  • when did CPU's stop coming with a cooler?

    So my new "toys" came today, went for a rake through the box to make sure everything is there and I'm suddenly left thinking where is the CPU and RAM, then I find a rather small bundle of bubble wrap (real bubble wrap I had a good few minutes of entertainment) inside was the RAM and the small flat CPU box, now I know I purchased an unlocked CPU and I have never used a stock cooler but I felt slightly cheated when I realised there was no cooler in the box, it also made me question why do OEM chips still exist if the retail chip doesn't actually come with anything other than the actual chip?

    anyway that's my complaint for the day because first world problems are damned serious.

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    as far as i have seen retail cpus still come in a box with a default cooler.
    maybe it is something unique to whom you bought it from?


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      Nothing unique just a standard retail packaged haswell-e.


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        I have only ever used stock coolers.

        If I decide to built a new PC (which is looking doubt full, will probably just get a PS4 or steam machine) I will try water cooling or something fancy and go all out and build the type of PC I always wanted.


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          a steam machine is pointless, you need a strong PC to stream to them from, they are just an overpriced streaming box with slightly higher spec so they can run low-mid range games without backup.