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STO/Star Trek Online - looking for recruits

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  • STO/Star Trek Online - looking for recruits

    I've registered here and come over from PCG Forums (as reading and trying to catch up) it looks like Future are not doing much there anymore.
    In light of this, I thought I'd start up a new STO thread.

    I'm still playing the game (on and off) and considering PCG probably thinks that this is a 'dead' game? (I've not see any more column inches in the magazine lately),
    the server(s) are pretty full..

    If anyone is interested in playing this game (it's F2P), either drop me a message on this forum or in-game (look for PCG) and hopefully you'll find me.
    Also if anyone knows the whereabouts of Larkin or Jaz or any of the original STO PCG Fleet admins, can you let them know I'm after them or of they can contact me
    via these forums.

    Limalinks (T'ippex)

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    this site is here and I can setup some forums if you ever need a new home for the guild.


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      Cheers Belimawr...

      I'm now PCG Fleet Admiral - STO seems to have allowed me to wrestle leadership from the other Fleet Admiral.. so I'm on a recruitment drive at the moment, looking for fresh new recruits..

      Limalinks (T'ippex)


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        STO Update - with 9.5 there's a new Crafting system:

        You can use your Duty Officers to make almost any type of item in the game at Mark XII, potentially at Purple quality. You can unlock titles and trait choices by earning levels in each crafting school and you can drastically increase your chances of producing Blue and Purple gear by leveling up your crafting schools and by collecting rare Duty Officers

        ** Unfortunately all the crafting / level I attained pre season 9.5 seems to have vanished - I would have expected that my crafting skill level would have transferred to the new system but alas, looks like I have to start all over again...

        PCG Fleet Update - we've taken on a few new members recently and the Fleet Assets are coming along nicely (Fleet Starbase & Fleet Embassy)..

        Limalinks (T'ippex@DeltaOskarMike)