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What game turned you in to a "proper" gamer?

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  • What game turned you in to a "proper" gamer?

    When I say "proper" gamer I mean what game was it that made you go from playing games as a hobby to realizing they were something you could properly invest time in? What game made you stop seeing games as side quests and start viewing them as the main quest?

    For me it was Final Fantasy 7. I started gaming when I was three (apparently, I don't remember this) when I found a Commodore 64 in a box, hooked it up all by myself and loaded a game and figured out how to play it. Then I had a Gameboy and a Sega Megadrive and had loads of awesome games on them, but when I had/played these gaming was still just something I did when I couldn't play out with my mates because it was raining or they couldn't play out because their parents got drunk and smashed the house up and grounded them or whatever (I grew up in a scummy place).

    Then I got even more awesomer games when I got a Playstation for Christmas but they were still just casual games like Crash Bandicoot and Firestorm Thunderhawk 2. You know games you'd just play for an hour then go back outside with your mates. Then I was in Electronics Boutique one day and my mum said I could get a game and I saw this white box with a blue comet on the front and when I looked on the back the little pictures looked awesome. That game actually changed my life because that's when playing out was actually replaced with gaming, more or less, because I realized games could be more than just running around as a hedgehog collecting rings, but could actually be amazing stories with characters and worlds you can feel attached to. I spent entire summer holidays playing that.

    What was yours?

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    Been playing games since about 1981 or so. but I think I get what you mean....

    Ummm going from memory I think maybe Wonderboy in Monsterland or Double Dragon on the Sega Master System. I stopped playing regularly around 15 when I started going out drinking until i got my first wife preggers at 21, then I bought a Sega Saturn and Command and Conquer so yeah. First PC gamer I ever got was C&C Renegade then Blueshift (just to play Counter Strike)

    Wouldn't call myself a 'proper' gamer now. Gaming is still nothing more than a hobby to me that I used to kill time and take my mind off how shit my life is and give me excuses not to leave the house and deal with other people.
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      I think I've always played games, my dad owned an Amiga so I used to play all the games on there, had Swiv, Bomberman, Settlers and Megalomania and about a hundred odd other games, some of them were silly as fuck, like Bobs Garden and there was this one game where you're catching bombs in a trash can that a guy drops from a wall and he speeds up as the levels progress.. Pushover was another game I played on Amiga Collin lost his Quavers.

      I think the game that got me into proper gaming though was also Final Fantasy 7, Fallout and Baldurs Gate, proper tangible, otherworldly story driven games like that.. it's kind of funny that most other games that came before story driven games like that were just considered pulp really.


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        Well I remember a cheap motorbike simulator called "Speed Kings" (I think) doing the rounds of the class where everyone was trying to get the fastest lap time on Silverstone. Then there was The Bards Tale, again quite popular with the nerds with everyone proclaiming their particular band of plucky hero's as best.
        Though they were wrong. Mine were the best (I was the only one who made a "hunter" which everyone else proclaimed as shit. Until they found out that at high levels with its 99% critical hit ability he could slay pretty much anything in one hit).
        Then there was a game called "Ports of Call" which was a shipping management simulator, unique for having a multiplayer component. Me and a mate would spend hours playing that.
        Oh and then there was Gunship and Stealth Fighter! When me and my friends became better at identifying Russian plane silhouettes than the pilots on the local RAF base!
        I always found it quite funny when the nerdiest person I knew (he went off to Birmingham Uni to study AI!) saw my gaming collection and declared it as Odd as it was basically made up of strategy and RPG's, and he had only ever been exposed to shoot em ups and beat em ups.


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          I wouldn't call myself a proper gamer. I like games I can pick up and put down on a whim.

          The games I play the most are probably CS:GO & Mario Kart 8.

          I used to play a lot of Playstation and N64 multiplayer with my mate when I was younger.

          I think the longest game I have completed is probably KOTOR, but I've never had the attention span to complete most games. I used to love C&C Red Alert.

          Ghouls and Ghosts on the Megadrive was one I completed when I was young. I say completed as you had 2 lives and once the game was over it started again. I completed the first half, and thought sod it once the second half got underway. Bastard of a game.


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            I've always played games, had a NES and a gameboy at 3, just kept going from there.

            the only thing I would differentiate is with UT99, it was the first game that I got for PC and my old shitty PC couldn't run it, so I got help from the lad over the road who at the time worked in a computer shop to build my first PC, about 16 years on I've made PC's for a shit load of people, so really I couldn't pick a thing that made me a proper gamer as I have always enjoyed games, but UT99 was the turning point where I really go into the technology side of gaming.


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              Ahhh the original gameboy, the very first thing I ever bought with my very first wage packet. In my last school summer holiday I got a job at the local funfair, worked 2 weeks (yep used to get 70p an hour and t 12-13 hour shifts.) then bought the gameboy and quit and spend the last 4 weeks of the holiday playing Tetris and TMNJ and Super Mario Land until going back to do my GSCEs.


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                NES jrpgs are what did it for me.
                before that it was just something else to do.
                then i got my first proper pc and it was all down hill form there.


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                  Bomb jack on the amstrad. Could not get enough of that game.

                  Following that , probably syndicate and doom.