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I'm so tempted to buy Pillars of Eternity...

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  • I'm so tempted to buy Pillars of Eternity...

    I love these old-style Dungeons and Dragons-esque RPG's. It looks amazing in all the let's plays I've watched. It's £34.99 though and I'd really rather wait until it's half price or 40% off or something.

    I can afford it, I switched my gas and electricity over to a monthly direct debit as opposed to the pay as you go system I was using before and It's saving me about £25 a week (pay as you go gas and electricity is a fucking rip off btw) but I really want to buy it right now. Any of you got it? Can you say amazing things about it so I won't be able to resist buying it right now? Because I really want to buy it. It's just that one half of my brain (the stronger half) isn't letting me because it knows I can get it half price in a few weeks/months.

    But it you were to say wonderous things about it the irrational half of my brain will overpower the careful half and I'll buy it.

    Edit - just noticed Elite: Dangerous released today. Damnit. Now I'm conflicted. I followed Elite Dangerous a lot during its development and it made me really moist down in the enjoyment department. DAMNIT ALL TO HELL!
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    pillars is about £26 on amazon


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      on CJ's CD Keys.

      I've used them before and they work. Not sure how legit they are, but they were advertised on PCG.
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        YOU BASTARD!!!!! Here I was being all good and wilful, completing Wasteland 2 before starting on Elite (which I even bought a new joystick and monitor for!) holding off on Pillars for another month or two.
        And there you go dangling a really cheap CD key for pillars in front of me....GRRRRRRR.


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          I feel like the guy with the horns that sits on your shoulder.


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            Originally posted by Belimawr View Post
            pillars is about £26 on amazon

            Originally posted by Alm
            £18 on CJ's CD Keys.

            I've used them before and they work. Not sure how legit they are, but they were advertised on PCG.

            Sigh, STEAM is such a fucking rip-off.


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              The fates have conspired against me and I've only managed to put about 5 hours into it so far but I'm sure that will increase dramatically this weekend.

              Obviously for such a big game I've not even scratched the surface and am still getting my head around it's systems and lore. With that said, first impressions are extremely positive. It sticks very close to the old infinity engine games and feels great for it. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous and there's some fantastic writing and voice acting. I can't really comment on the world but it seems quite deep at the moment. It's tough as nails on medium and I'm having a lot of fun.

              I Kickstarted it for something like $25 dollars, and I would definitely not regret spending £18 on it.


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                I just bough it from that website. Thanks for bringing that to my attention Alm - saved me about £20.


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                  edit - sorry for the double post, the forum told me my post didn't go through so I clicked again and it sent it through twice.

                  This game is awesome though. I'm so glad that among all the AAA shit that gets slung out by EA and their ilk there are games like this going right back to the roots of the RPG and adventure genres. They keep just enough of the complexity of their ancestors to feel like Dungeons and Dragons rules but simplify bits that were over-complicated to make them more accessible to people who don't want to read and memorize a 500 page manual.

                  If it weren't for games like this and Legend of Grimrock and other indie-types (well Pillars isn't really indie but it's in the indie family I guess) I'd probably have stopped gaming years ago.
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                    I've not played Divinity but from the brief bits of gameplay on the Steam page trailer I'd say it's comparable but still a bit different. I get the impression Divinity is faster paced, less reliant on story and dialogue and it's combat is turn based, whereas Pillars is pausable real time.

                    The real points of comparison are games like Baldurs Gate.


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                      Alms link has now dropped the price to £16.99.
                      I'm weak.
                      I need help and deserve your pity.


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                        you complain about amazon then you buy from a dodgy key site..........

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                          Click image for larger version

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                            Worth it.


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                              Put around 21 hours into it now. Enjoying it even more.