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    Combats definitely a mental shift: but it helps to think of all 6 axis of flight. Which joystick did you get? I regularly use all six axis when flying.

    - if you're initiating combat, don't fire until you're directly behind and have matched speeds. A distance of about out 800 metres is the sweet spot.
    -target the power plant- cycle brought the enemy ships subsystems until you find it (usually the 'y' key). The power plant will pop long before the hull does- short cut to a quick(er) kill.
    If they bank up, try and cut em off- vertical thrust can allow you to cut the corner and maintain your kill vector (I.e. Right behind them).
    - use boost wisely. If your shields are going, boost out, turn and come back in once recharged.
    - power management!!! Possibly the most vital thing. Think tie fighter. Attacking? All power to weapons. Banking to get behind? Use system. Under attack? Shift to shields. Good power management Is the difference between living and dying: get it sorted and you'll out fight most ships. Even in a sidewinder. I change distribution levels constantly during a fight. I'm not exaggerating- I'm constantly changing the levels depending on the situation- you need to master this- get it instinctual, and you'll be laughing.
    - load outs. Twin laser and twin multifunction are the best beta go for gimballed- people often say fixed are better (and they do pack a bigger punch), but I firmly believe that the gimballed give you that extra window for manoeuvring that make them worth more in a fight. Also, projectile weaps penetrate hull better, so I usually strip shields with laser then finish off with guns (on the power plant).

    Finally, don't write off the sidewinder- suitably upgraded, it's an awesome little ship, and punches far above it's weight.

    Bounty hunting is where I make most my money. If that's the route you want to take the eagle is one of the best combat ships out there. It's a glass cannon, but it's so damn manouverable that you shouldn't actually get hit....

    When you're a bit more practiced then you can start experimenting. When I'm taking on an anaconda for example, I always take the engines out first- they go well before the power plant and send the ships into an uncontrollable spin when gone- you can then, carefully. Take it out at your leasure!
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      Thanks for all that. I got the Thrustmaster HOTAS something or other. It's just a case of training my brain to understand I can move easily in all dimensions rather than just forward. The only other game I have joystick flying experience with is BF2, which I played for thousands of hours and was in a jet for half of it - I was untouchable in that.

      Also I need to find a comfortable layout for my joystick. It's got a lot of buttons and I need to map them all in a way that's logical and comfortable at the same time. I've looked at some button maps for this joystick recommended for this game but none of them work for me, they all have some movement control mapped to a key that makes no sense to me, so I'm figuring out my own. I've got bank up and down, roll forward and left, twist left and right down - they're just the joystick itself, it twists as a rudder. The throttle lever has 4 buttons on the front which I've just mapped to up down left and right and I'm playing with that, seeing if my brain can take to it.

      I really want that voice control program but I need to buy a headset with a working microphone. I keep having to take my eyes off the screen and find L and J on the keyboard. It'd be much easier if I could just tell it to do it with my voice.


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        Got the same stick.

        On the throttle, I use the rocker buttons on the back for lateral thrust (I.e. Strafe) and then the two bottoms to the right of that rocket as vertical (positive and negative) thrust. Means it's difficult to strafe AND apply vertical thrust, but to be honest, can't see why you'd want to.

        I have he joystick set up as you do- pitch/yaw with twist as lateral rotation (I.e. Pointing the nose).

        Then it's just a case of preference. I use the 4-way nipple for power level settings and navigation in menus, and then the shoulder trigger (back of the stick on the right) as target directly in front. The button to the left of the secondary fire i use to toggle flight assist on and off- though to be honest I rarely fly with flight assist off.

        Then you've got the three on the front of the throttle- I use them for cycling targets, deploying hard points and friendship drive (frameshift). I used to have boost as one of them, but after a few station near misses (and one internal ping-pong session) I moved that to the left base bottoms. The remaining base button I use for deploying landing gear.

        Now, I kinda wish there was one more button for menu selection. But apparently you can set a 'shift button' that gives all other buttons a secondary function- haven't figured that out yet, but if I can It means I won't need those keyboard at all!

        Dunno if hat helps, but that layout works for me- and I throughly reccomend you out the boost somewhere you have to consciously remove your hand to push- speaking from experience here!


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          but can you fly with a DS4 using the accelerometers for steering? (I may only be asking because I think it would be comical)


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            Is anyone playing in "the universe" or have you all gone solo?


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              I'm in a galaxy far far away. (but if it was a long time ago where the fuck is my YT-1300 and wookie sidekick? )


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                I'm playing solo until I'm confident I won't panic no matter what situation I find myself in. Which could be a few more weeks. I still shit myself a bit when I come out of hyperspace and land directly in front of a star. For a brief nanosecond my brain thinks AHHH WE'RE GONNA CRASH! Also when I'm fuel scooping, it makes my stomach churn. I always imagine, without warning, the star's going to start dragging me towards it, or I'll move 1ls too close and all of a sudden my heat will jump from 70% to 180% and that chick who lives in my ship will start saying WARNING! HORRIBLE DEATH IMMINENT! WARNING! ALL KINDS OF BAD SHIT HAPPENING! WARNING! BEEP BEEP!

                I'm getting there though. I get more confident every day. I've almost mastered landing on the pad. Used to take me 3 minutes, now I just calmly cruise toward it and plonk down, like the Planet Express ship in Futurama.

                Oh and in case anybody didn't know you can change your HUD from that bright orange to any colour you like, just have to edit a file somewhere. I've got cool blue as mine. It's cool as fuck.


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                  i play in open- started in solo though, until i got my bearings, but to be perfectly honest i can count the number of times ive been attacked by another player on one hand, and most of those were my fault.

                  im just hoping to bump into the rabbit pirate. he pulls you out of supercruise, and gives you an ultimatum: accept 1 ton of rabbits or die. he then makes you take the cargo into your hold and then flies off.

                  first time i heard about this i lol'd. been looking for him ever since lol.


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                      Okay after playing for a few hours a day and getting a bit more experienced I decided the yaw is no good bound to the twisty part of the joystick. It's impossible not to yaw when using the stick to roll forward/back/left/right if you have it set to that. I set that to the rocker switch on the front of the throttle lever. But now I have no buttons left for left-right thrust, but that's okay because I only ever use it for docking. Am also fucking around with that sensitivity knob (ehehehehe knob) underneath the joystick, trying to find my sweet spot. Not having any luck yet though.

                      I still suck at combat, though I've bought some gimballed guns and lazers so next time I get in a fight I might at least hit the other guy once or twice. I've totally upgraded my sidewinder modules - not to class A ones, mostly class C with a few Bs. I'm thinking of buying an Eagle if I can find a station that sells ships. According to the Wiki they're only 44,000 credits so I can easily afford that.

                      Oh and I switched my HUD back to default orange. I found a website with instructions on how to change the colour of the whole HUD in your cockpit, it's just a matter of changing a couple of numbers in a text file. So I changed it to cool blue... and after 2 days yearned for that lovely relaxing orange glow back.


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                        Weird, I've never had any issues with accidental directional change during manouvers - have to say the strafe keys are ideal for tha rocker switch- and it's incredibly useful in combat- if you're going head-to-head (literally, after a turning pass) then a slight strafe means they will find it very hard to hit you- it's amazing how much it works. Keep practicing, it's one of he most vital manouvers.

                        Or another way. If you're evading, you can put yourself into a spiral- so tilt slightly left, and back, twist the stick right and the strafe right- you'll do an angled corkscrew that will end up with the enemy ship in front of you unless they match speeds really quickly- it's this kind of thinking you need to have. The tilt and the back out you in a slight spin. The twist cause a your nose to point INTO the spin and the right strafe gives you a slight sideways slide. It's beautiful.

                        If you're finding combat difficult though I suggest this- keep your throttle permenantly in the blue zone (next to your throttle there is a little blue area, this is your optimal turning zone), should make it easy to get behind em. Only use full thrust to close distances, or run away. Then, just practice getting behind people.

                        Get a kill warrant scanner and when you use it on an NPC (non aggressive manouvere) and they'll go into evasion mode- you can then practice getting behind them without engaging in actual in combat. Nice little trick for practicing combat manouvers. Do it at a nav bouey.


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                          I actually have no buttons left for strafe on my joystick now. I really did have to change it from the twist of the joystick, every time I was rolling I was strafing at the same time and I can't have that. So now I have yaw (move nose left and right) bound to the rocker on the throttle but I haven't changed strafe to the twist of the joystick, I've left that blank. I'm thinking of changing the buttons for landing gear and frame shift to the keyboard and binding strafe to the two buttons I use for those currently on the back of the throttle lever. I need strafe in battle but landing gear and frame shift can be activated at my leisure.

                          This game is simply awesome. I love how only 0.1% of the galaxy has been explored so far. I'm sure I'll get "discovered by Cmdr Daymian" on a few stars and planets soon. I've only really done exploring and a tiny tiny tiny bit of combat so far (I suck at combat and end up running away, though I'm only in a Sidewinder so I expect to only be successful in combat with luck in that ship). I tried trade last night - bought a basic hauler (the ship that's actually called "hauler" and costs around 50k) but it's so fucking boring and I'm not seeing these massive profits people talk about all the time. On my best run I made around 8k profits... for jumping 12 fucking systems with the goods. Fuck that. If I jumped 12 systems and scanned every planet in each one I'd have made 300 or 400k. It would've taken me a couple of hours more but at least I enjoy the discovery of new planets and stars as opposed to the tedium of jumping 12 systems just to dock and sell 8 cubes of scrap metal or whatever it was I hauled.


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                            Cool- whatever's the most comfortable setup for you is the 'right' one- you're definitely hiking about it the right way.

                            An eagle is a good way to try combat- if you want to give it another go- really quick. Also though. Make sure you don't pick off more than you can chew. A sidey shouldn't pick on anything above a hauler. Eagle can take up to cobra, or anaconda with care. Com bras can take pretty much anything (again with care).

                            Exploring is the way I want to go too- saving up for my explorer fit (8 mill in a cobra), then I'm literally picking a direction and then I'm off.

                            Trading is boring as fuck. May as well play eve....


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                              Yeah, I'm crossing trading off my list. I don't care how much money it makes you (allegedly, I don't see it personally), it just isn't fun. I'd rather make 1 million credits from a week of exploring than from 20 minutes of trading like people claim they do. Besides, I'm playing solo and will be for a long time, until I'm confident with my abilities, so money is only needed for ships and modules, and the only ships and modules I need are basic ones for exploration.

                              I've decided on an Adder. The ship descriptions from various sites say the Adder is a mix between a combat ship and a hauler and great for exploration due to large jump distance. I'd explore in my Sidewinder if I could, I love it, but I'm paranoid to shit that if I get interdicted by a powerful NPC he might blow me up before I can run away and I might lose my exploration data, so I want something a little tougher than the Sidey. Once I have the Adder I'll save up for the 1.5m credits directional scanner and the 500k credit planet scanner and OFF I GOOOOOOOOOOO


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                                adder is a very good explorer ship- it can have a jump range north of 35 light years if kitted out right. You'll want to run with no weapons (weight lowers jump range, so anything you can do to drop it helps).

                                Main thing you'll want though is an advanced discovery scanner. The basic and intermediate dont find everything in system first ping- forcing you to fly around a lot, which is a huge issue time wise if you land in one of the many binary systems. The advanced finds every celestrial object in one hit- you can then fly out to scan the ones you want with the surface scanner (without having to ping each object individually), The rub though is that it costs 1.5 million. You can get by without it quite happily, but it makes your life SOOOOOO much easier.