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  • Elite:Dangerous

    God I love this game.

    I spent the first ten minutes just trying to figure out how to orientate my ship properly. I spent the next thirty minutes doing the tutorials: nailed the docking first time. I mean it took me 25 minutes.... And 5 minutes sat on the pad the wrong way around, But still.

    I'm currently tumbling around a system getting to grips with travel, over-shooting my destinations and not getting shot at by the fuzz.

    I've got fuck-all money, fuck-all clue how to do most things and I'm only just getting to grips with the final two degrees of movement (am on k+m until I decide which keyboard to get) but I absolutely love it.

    It looks stunning. Sounds stunning. Is incredibly satisfying and immersive (god I can only imagine what it's like in an Occulus) and I can see myself sinking a lot of it time into this.

    Anyone else got? Thoughts?

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    To be honest I never played the original Elite although in school all me friends were mad for it. I have a passing interest in it, and just looked on steam and it seems this game is getting a lot of hate over people buying it thinking it is Elite.

    Also The dev of said game is sort of insinuating the Elite team are stealing his name.

    but yes, to answer your question, it does look good and yes i do want it. But will wait a while cause going by metacritic it isn't quite there yet.


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      I assume it is this he is talking about and not that you linked

      (that on steam seem to just be there to con people)


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        Elite is quite a good skeleton. It'll be really good when they add some meat.

        Right now I'm mostly thinking back to EVE and how good it is at making even a vast network of systems still feel like a community.


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          see I'm interested in this if it can be similar to eve but direct control (altho eve has/is adding direct control supposedly) as that is the main thing that made me feel like I just wasn't playing the game but instead just watching.


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            Yeah, I sort of liked Eve, but it felt to sterile (for lack of a better word)


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              I'm liking the feel of the game a lot. Now i've had some time to sink my teeth into it im coming away with a greater sense ofwhat the game is about.

              The dogfighting is supreb. I love it. The balancing of speed, power systems and maneuverability rea lly make you feel in complete control. i'm not quite at the stage yet where i'm confident to fly without flight assist on, but i'm getting there.

              I'm loving the complexity too. I bought an Eagle (fighter-type class) and i entered a combat zone- popper my harpoints up (fnar fnar) only to max out my reactor, have my ships systems 'crash' and for my life support to fail......

              Turns out i didn't have enough juice to run the weapons that came equipped with the ship (!). But, after a bit of routing around on the net i found that you can change the power priorities within your reactor settings (in game- panel on your right), to de-prioritise things such as your jump drive and cargo bay whenever your weapons come up. The scope here for bespoke power configurations for each situation are staggering.

              Still cant figure out weapon groupings though. I want more than 2 groups damnit.

              I like the empytness of the game- it's 'right' in a universe like this, though i do seem to have spawned in some backwater system for some reason.

              Highlight of the game so far- jumped out onto an unidentified signal to find a convoy of the biggest ships i've ever seen, all escorted by one cobra mark 3. They were all clean, so i couldnt attack without getting penalised, but pirates arrived, 4 of them and that one cobra nailed the lot. Had rail guns :-).

              Finally- i love that you can target specific sub systems. If you hit the reacotr- no matter how much hull is left the ship blows.... i think i'm going to enjoy skuttling human players and leaving them to drift :-)


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                sounds a lot like the space battle they tacked onto SWG, as that you were constantly balancing parts to keep within the reactor limits giving some interesting setups, but then it also had abilities to overcharge certain systems at times at the expense of something else, like if you wanted to run you could overcharge the rear shield while reducing the output of the weapons and front shield.

                so may have to give this a go, what are the controls like spats? can you steer with the mouse or is it all on keys?


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                  Going by what you are saying sounds right up my street. My birthday next month so I will try and get it.


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                    Its brilliant. Really is. You're shunting power between systems (shields) engines and weapons- which you're doing on the fly- it's all responsive and intuative. You're also, obviously, dog-fighting, while balancing subtargets, using all six axes of movement, along with speed and turn rate.... it's just glorious, it really is. You've got so many balls up in the air at any one time, that it just feels right.

                    hell, even landing on a docking pad without taking 4 attempts feels like a massive victory, and it never gets old. You get the same satisfaction in a good 'dock' that you do nailing that parallel parking manouver first time.

                    Its the biggest argument against over-simplification of games (consolification*cough) that i've come across. Hell, i just like flying around looking at the stars lol.

                    As for control- i'm managing fine with K+M. I am planning to go to a joystick, but even then there's M+K inputs. There are a LOT of controls. Seriously. I have a post-it note pinned to my monitor with key ones on it. You can control EVERYTHING and i love it for it.

                    The end-game stuff (such as it is) will dictate how much you get out of it- and whether you're happy making your own fun, but yeah, i'm happier with this purchase than pretty much all my games in the last 5 years (xcom aside).


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                      I've not really been playing games much recently so I got a massive backlog of recently released games I want to play.

                      Don't know whether to get myself Legend of Grimrock 2, Dragon Age inquisition or now Elite (after all th8is raving on it) for Christmas. The problem I have with these games is that they sound amazing but when I play them I just end up getting bored. I don't knwo why. But the way you are talking about the complexity of the controls its making me want to play it.

                      Or I could just save some money and finally complete the XCOM Enemy Withing expansion which is sitting in my steam library hardly touched. So many choices.


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                        Spats is selling this game to me more than any promotional material I've seen. Has anybody actually ever seen Spatula and David Braben in the same room?

                        Think about it.


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                          It's not EvE. And that's not a bad thing. It's also not Star Citizen, also a good thing.
                          It's ELITE. It literally is the first sandbox. Stripping away the graphics, this is the exact same game my brother and I got lost in for weeks at a time on our crappy Amstrad CPC 464/+'s.

                          And it is glorious. Thats just solo! I haven't ventured online yet. I'm wanting to get flight, docking and basic combat down again first.

                          In short: GET THIS GAME.


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                            Grrrrr curse you Spats! I'm now in a quandary, do I get this, and forgo the rest of the sales (which, TBH, have been pretty lamentable)?


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                              with all your money jack you could do both