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    What is it about them. I keep reading stories about them, watching videos about them, buying them, loading them up, staring at the screen, thinking "ok I am off to play a shooter" and will sit down and learn this later. And never do. I now have Crusader kings 2, March of the Eagles, Victoria 2 and just bought Hearts of Iron III bundle with all the DLC. Knowing I will probably load it upm move a few troops about, put it down and not load it back up because I am scared of it.

    That must be why they are called Paradox, cause I have no idea why I keep buying their games, I soooo want to like and get into them, cause they are so deep... But I think I stand more of a chance with Hearts of Iron III because I actually know a fair bit about WWII and the world at this time, Kings and Castles, Romans and Victorian Empires are like a black hole to me.

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    I love Crusader Kings II, and EU IV. I played both CK1 and EUIII, and whilst I found both of them, OK, they didn't just have the grab that their sequels have.
    Sure, they have their flaws. They are not graphically impressive, the sound is passable, and the soundtrack is OK.
    As a game Civ has them beat hands down.
    However, when it comes to diplomacy, EUIV and CKII has Civ beat hands down.

    Because of the sort of random, but logical bollocks that caused WW1.
    Put it this way, My current EU game has be playing as Bavaria. Bruswick sits on my border, its a poxy little state. Oly allied with two other poxy little states (poland and Brunswick). Even if it calls in its allies, its fuck. I get my claim, I declare war.
    Unfortunately, I didn't do my research.
    Poland is allied with the Ukraine.
    Who are big.

    They are also allied with Russia.
    Who are bigger.

    What should have been a cakewalk anexation of a minor state turns into a fight to keep as much as I possibly can.

    It also goes the other way. The Teutenborg Empire declairs war on me, they are highly militarised, and I would be happy to maintain what I have, but a month later, Latvia takes advantage of the war and movfes in to fuck up their home territories, I then destroy their army and before you know it, I have coastal province! As Bohemia!

    Sure, its annoying as fuck when these seemingly random acts of luck go against you, but as a simulation of world politics, as opposed to a game, its got CIV beat hands down.
    In Civ, once you are on top, the game is yours to lose, in EUIV, Once you are on top, other natons act to fuck you up but good.
    (I bought he Hearts of Iron bundle, but havn't played it yet. I also own Victoria and Rise of nations, but havn't really played them either.)


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      I never even knew I bought Victoria II. I was looking for a different game on the humble bundle site and was going through my catalogue and seen it. I probably put it on a forum to giveaway and nobody claimed it, or it was added as a bonus game or something. Anyway a pleasant surprise. I loaded it up, chose Britain, moved a ship to Portugal because Britain took over Portugal at some point then didn't know what I was supposed to do next so turned it off again.

      But I am determined to learn HoI. I just did all 6 tutorials so about to go Some obscure Eastern Block country, someone like Hungary or someone irrelevant like Australia.


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        Paradox are one of my favourite publishres. But fuck if hteir games are not hard to learn. Itsthe definition of a game that exists in your head rather than on the screen.


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          to be fair their new city builder game looks like it could be what simcity should have been.


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            Hearts of Iron is actually the more difficult of their games to get into. Europa is probably their easiest to get into.


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              Originally posted by Boa View Post
              Hearts of Iron is actually the more difficult of their games to get into. Europa is probably their easiest to get into.
              lol yeah. I started as UK just for a test run. Nothing is happening, just not one clue what to do. I did the tutorials and sort of know what the numbers mean, but nothing is moving, I have had 2 trade agreements from France and some pissant country like Algeria, but nothing. I click on Germany and they are quite peaceful.

              I know the games are diplomatic, but it doesn't give you many options to propose anything. Trade, give them troops and allow military access. That is about it, I found more options in Civ 5 tbh. But then, i am probably missing something huge.


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                Paradox strategy games are like the "Dark Souls" of the strategy gaming world. IF you just expect victory after victory, you will find no succor here!


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                  I just went back to Crusader Kings 2 for an hour and seem to be getting a better understanding now I think. I went Glamorgan'Obviously' and tried attacking Pembroke within minuted he kicked my ass and had me under siege so I just surrendered because my wife was popping out babies like Kerry Katona.

                  I couldn't find a way to check his army before attacking and I can;t see how I can build.train troops because i only have like 30 gold which I can't use for anything. So I tried to assassinate him but nothing happened and no idea. But I am learning bit by bit. The WWII game was just too hard and some people say CK2 is the easiest one to learn (out of the games i have).


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                    Really, you need to pick a nation where you have a chance before going for one you have a bond with.Otherwise you will just ferment hatred for the game.


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                      Philip - around the time CK2 was released I remember downloading the demo (this would be the first time I ever played a Paradox game) and I pretty much did what you did. Loaded it up, got confused as fuck by what I was seeing, uninstalled it.

                      I kept reading great reviews and stories about them though and I knew I would love the games if I just took the time to learn them. Now I've played CK2 for almost 1,000 hours. Trust me, if you like strategy games even just a little bit and you learned how to play CK2 you would love it.

                      Or maybe you'd hate it. Either way, stop buying them until you've learned how to play one and know for sure that you like them.


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                        But they are always on sale somewhere. But yeah, little by little I am learning and starting to enjoy in a weird way. I was the same with total war games for years too until it finally clicked with Shogun 2 and Civ 5 also after buying 4 and not getting it.


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                          What really helped me with both CKII and EUIV was youtube tutorials and playthroughs rather than the the in-game tutorials.


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                            Yeah thats what i am doing now. That and just playing then searching when I need to know how to/if I can do certain things. Seems to be working, I can play for more than an hour at a time now, where as before 10 minutes and I bail. Although i am struggling a bit with the time period of CK2 because I have no idea what half the words mean or titles are. But it is a means to an end atm before I can go onto a game with a more interesting time period (interesting to me that is). The same way I am playing Shogun 2 to learn how to play Empire or Napoleon cause I struggle with all the Japanese names for everything where as rifleman, cavalry and spearman is more self explanitory.

                            Edit: arrrrr fuck it, back to Total War. Why is something simple like building troops and sending them off to die such a pain in these games?
                            Last edited by Philip; 28-09-14, 10:31.


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                              Has anyone tried CK2 Game of Thrones mod? I started on it last night and man it feels really fast pace. Getting choices thrown at me faster than I can resolve things. I fancied being a cunt so I went in charge of the Twins (apparently Walder Frey is not in charge at this time, but still plenty of 8 year olds to marry then kill) and am literally getting notifications flashed up before I close the previous one it is like I have it set on full speed or something.