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  • Running with Rifles.....

    Yep, I know I have mentioned it in the past. But it is a game so good it deserves its own thread. I have recommended many games over the years, some you like, some you don't. But if I had to recommend one game over any other it is this one.

    It looks like a casual top down Commando game at first glance, but it really is as deep as any shooter you have ever played. Tactics, slow progression, teamwork, burst fire (which took me a while to get used to as I was trying to play it like diablo). Single player is great and the AI is pretty good and certainly challenging, it is not an easy game for sure, but very very rewarding. Honestly I cannot say much bad about this game. There is Vs multipleyr, but co-op seems to be the most popular online version (be careful of friendly fire). It has tonnes of weapons, vehicles and commander utilities like calling air strikes to anti tank barricades.

    There is a demo on steam too and the download is small so you can play pretty much instantly.

    Sorry, I know this looks like spam, but I truly believe this game is worth championing. It does go on sale down to about £7 occasionally, but personally I couldn't wait.

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    Right, thou warty clackett.

    I was going to spend some of my precious gaming time tonight playing something BioShocky, for no good reason other than I was thinking about it today. Instead I'm going to DL the demo and take a look.

    Wo betide you young man if this turns out to be not to my liking.


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      looks like it could be fun, but ultimately looks like something I would play on my phone.


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        It looks that way, but it isn't. I been on it pretty solid all day. I think I finished with like 1200 kills and 500 deaths, ranked up 3 times and won 3 battles into the campaign. The demo is just one map with no real objective, but gives you a quick glimps of the combat. The controls are a bit funny, but a few keybinds and I am already playing better. Just wish I had a gaming mouse now.