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Stronghold HD (the first one)

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  • Stronghold HD (the first one)

    As an avid strategy game fan how is it that I could not have known this amazing game has existed for 15 years? Seriously how is it possible? It's awesome, old or not! I know Stronghold 2 and 3 had some massive problems (namely that they were shit and everybody hates them) but this one is greeeaaaaaaaaat.

    Obviously I blame all of you for not letting me know about it. Because who else could I blame? Myself? Not likely.

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    it's a bit like settlers 2, it was an epic game, while the new ones are still decent, they are a far cry from what once was.


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      I played it but can't get over the ancient graphics. The gameplay is nothing special and sometimes the crappy graphics make it hard to see what you are actually building especially fences. I bought the gold edition a few months ago with all the games in, Mostly unplayed aside from about 203 hours. I gave it a chance but it is too old for me to enjoy. Some games can get by without decent graphics, this isn't one of them.


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        The first one and the second one are good crusaders expansion. Used to play it a lot as a kid.