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WB suspends sales of Arkham Knight on PC

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  • WB suspends sales of Arkham Knight on PC

    Let me just clarify I have no interest in playing this game, I am fully fed on Batman and not even finished the last game yet, nothing wrong with him, just too much Batman.

    But yeah, This is an even bigger cluster fuck than Aliens Colonial Marines. After this I can see WB just not making PC games in future due to not actually being very good at it, being fed up with 'whiney PC gamers' who dare to be annoyed at shitty ports, costly post release work.

    Get it right first time and you will avoid all this shit you fucking shitbags. Honestly I feel bad for the devs as no doubt this is due to publisher pressure.

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    Wow, very emabarrising for them. It's obviously a tough decision to save some face and make them look like they care. However the fact is they can't not have known how shoddy the port was when they released it in the first place, they did it knowing they were putting out a broken product for people to buy, and doing it this way nets them all those day one and two sales. Still though, probably is the right decision now they've got themselves in this position.


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      They even had a review embargo until release, that is always a red flag.


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        I find it quite interesting that a few people on my "Steam feed" have put this on their wishlist, AFTER all the reviews came out!


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          greenman actually had a code up for 40% off it yesterday, so they were obviously struggling to move "inventory".

          but the sad fact is WB may not have known about this, the developers may have even been kept in the dark, the PC port was entirely done by a third party developer, so the problem could be them pushing ti as working and demoing it when they know it will work and claiming it works so they get their pay day for the port then just cut and run leaving WB and the main developer to clean up the mess.


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            The cynic in me is wondering if the Steam refund policy is not actually there in fairness to customers, but to just encourage people to spend the extra and buy off steam. Obviously most places will not refund a steam key, because Valve would have to authorise it to return the key to them. So with Steam being the only place for a refund many people will now buy from there for added security for released like this or just shitty early access survival games. It is genius cause again Valve look like paragons of PC gamers by being the hero that allows refunds and making the other stores that sell at fair prices look like a risk. No wonder Gabe became a billionaire when he is such a good con man.


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              they only copied EA, they have had refunds for a hell of a long time now on game sales and pre orders if your not satisfied. so people may love Gabe but he is only copying EA the most hated and supposedly worst company around.


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                I love it when this happens. Reminds the money men behind the gaming industry (money men who have never played a game in their fucking lives) that there's a limit to how much they can bend us over.