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  • What's with the name?

    What's with the name PCgamesc,com it sounds mightily similar to another PC website we all frequent.

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    shortest form of PC Games Community, because when I googled PCgamerC I got a ton of shit and sites for cracks.


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      Reason why I ask see is if in a couple of years time you find yourself rolling in the benjamins, PCgamer might have the odacity to try to sue you for infringement or whatever the legal term would be. Or is that even possible... does consider a thought.


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        also part of the reason I never used PC gamer, but as it stands this site has nothing on it to make money. (no ad's trackers or any of that shit)

        if I do look at monetizing the site down the line it will most like be through the affiliates programs with sites like green man gaming and possibly a donate link. I know I hate ad's and trackers so I won't force them on anyone until I need to for, now web hosting is cheap and I probably spend more on pizza in a month than it costs for a year of hosting.


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          And we can always tweak Tim Edwards by pulling an Apple.
          Because Apple would come before Atari in the phone book.
          PCGamesN, PCGamesC…


          Either way, kudos to Beli for getting up and doing something about PCGamer and their lack of caring.


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            Not bad at all, already leaps and bounds ahead of PC Gamer's 'forum' if you could even call it that. Will be keeping an eye on this and would be good to see it becoming more popular.