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Whatever happened to Masterflaw?

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  • Whatever happened to Masterflaw?

    Come on. Some of you fuckers can write SOMETHING!

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    but yeah I need to get round to doing something, but I keep getting distracted by shiny objects.


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      I'm here been busy as hell...I'ma try and get something up tomorrow...
      Can't finish a game for the life of me...either a game ending bug hits or the games becomes redundant.
      Gave that Middle-earth a shot and pretended to like it for a bit, but basically succumbed to deleting the resource hogging piece of trash. DA 3's looking like shit and just about every game in my library has gone into indefinite backlog..Gaming just looks like shit and there's nothing to write about.
      Galactic Civ's gunna be some time before it's interesting...

      I'm just hoping I can get through Grimrock 2...So far I've been enjoying it...hopefully my fucking save doesn't get erased somehow or the main quest line doesn't get bugged.

      If you need a reason for why I was gone..I'll go with the I was on a bender bit...In AA now and doing great. That always gets sympathy.


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        Yay, you're alive!