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  • Forum updated with new features.

    I've updated the Forum to the latest version of Vbulletin this has added a couple of extra features,

    Firstly there is a twitter style @ code where if you do @username it will send a notification to that person if you wan't to get their attention or just let them know you are replying to them.

    It has also added a bunch of new themes for the site giving a bit more choice in how you want the site to look, these are available in the menu at the bottom corner. It also gave me a theme that better fit the color scheme to go as the default.

    I also found out the problem with posting, something messed up with the port for the emails and that is what was causing the hang and why it took me a while to find as I would have never thought it was waiting for a reply from the mail server.

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    OooooooooooOooooo. Blue


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      Nice one.


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        liking grunge


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          Yeah the new default's definitely better than the old default, got a bit more personality. Using Blue/Green myself.


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            I've been using blue green until this came out as it just looks better and cleaner to me for some reason. but then I'm not going to stop anyone using what they want.