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[Fixed] PSA: on posting

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  • [Fixed] PSA: on posting

    while I'm trying to solve the problem with pages taking a while to refresh on posting (will try to have a look over the weekend) after you make a post just wait a couple of seconds and click the link back up to the forum, your post will still be made if you want to try this just open another link to the forum in a new tab and you will see while it is still saying working your post has gone through.

    I'm still unsure why it is doing it, as it started after I installed the patch the other day, but it seems the problem is purely visual and forum deciding to reload with the new post, as the post is going to the server fine and you can get back into the topic and see your post while the first window still says working. it is just an odd bug as it makes it look like it isn't a database problem due to the posts getting made perfectly and displaying perfectly just the forum is taking a while to refresh on posting.

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    Pfft, you are never going to make it as a gaming site unless you can find some way to pin this on misogyny.


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        should be fixed (hopefully)