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[UPDATED] Downtime notice.

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  • [UPDATED] Downtime notice.

    Some point tonight I will be closing the forums for a little bit to update it (spats will be happy it fixes the mobile formatting) it shouldn't take long, but this is just a warning I will be turning off the site, if it is off just try again in about 10 minutes and it should be back up as with the new server the upload and upgrade scripts don't take long.

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    Update is up and running as you will notice article preview pictures have been restored after the last update killed them and the mobile formatting should now work.

    there may be other changes but they are the main 2.


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      That looks much better. Is there anything in particular that we need to be doing to get the picture up on the main page, or does it just take the first image?


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        it will use the first image you upload as an attachment, so if you want a certain image to show make sure you upload it first even if it ends up being the last image in the article (or not even used in the actual article) then it should show as the preview image.