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  • Slow site.

    As some of you ahve probably noticed the site has been running intermittently slow, the problem is looking to be the web host, so I am in the process or looking for a decent cheap VPS to get away from the problems that comes with 40+ thousand people using the same server. in a perfect world I would go for a dedicated server but at about £100 a month that aint happening. so bare with it for a while, till I find a cloud based or VPS alternative to shared hosting that isn't going to cost a fortune, but will let me have a bit more CPU power, RAM and bandwidth.

    I'll update when I get close to doing the transfer since the site will probably go down while I migrate the page to a new server.

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    to speed up the site I am moving over to a cloud based system with a heavy optimisation system so it should hopefully reduce quite a bit of the slow loading, I am waiting for the domain to transfer to the new provider, when it does there will likely be a small amount of downtime but I will try to limit the downtime as much as I physically can.


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      the site has now migrated to it's new host all should be good just let me know if you get any errors as I haven't tested massively before putting this back live, but so far it's looking fine to me and like we have no casualties that I can see.


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        All seems fine to me and it does appear much faster!


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          And I'm not done yet need to get cloudflare up and running yet, but that's a job for the weekend.