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  • osmosis

    I haven't been drinking (much) but is it possible to drink by osmosis? as I've always noticed on days it's raining I'm not as thirsty and need to pee more, so can you drink by osmosis? just curious as after a day out in the rain today I wasn't thirsty during the day but seem to be needing a piss more, so can you drink by osmosis and have we just been doing it wrong for centuries?

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    Well you can take LSD like it, so I guess maybe if you lay in a bath all day, but it is quicker and easier just to drink it.

    Probably need to pee more because of the sounds of flowing water.


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      I reckon (and I have absolutely no knowledge of this so I'm guessing) that it's a combination of water hydrating your body as it soaks through your clothes and evaporates against your skin in your pores and the humidity you get when it rains in summer.

      It won't work for me though because when it's raining and humid I sweat more, so I still end up drinking 3 or 4 liters of water every day and waking up at 5am for a 45 second long piss. It's hard work being a sweaty bastard you know. Two baths a day, super strength deoderant. It was about 6 times worse when I was a fat cunt as well. No wonder I couldn't get a girlfriend.


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        I went to Center Parcs with the girlfriend and her family last Christmas, and they love the pool. Like, every evening for 3 hours kinda love. Now, I hadn't been in a swimming pool for maybe 3 years, and then maybe another 3 years the time before that, and at Center Parcs each evening I found myself having to get out of the nice warm water and traipse back to the changing room toilets every 10 minutes for a piss. I hadn't drunk anymore than usual or anything, but after a few minutes of just floating around in nipple high water, I'd get the urge to piss. I figured it was something to do with the pressure of the water against my stomach. I think her parents must have thought I had a nasty cocaine habit though.


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          In theory it's possible. I may try it


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            totally Not Cartoon Head that's a myth and doesn't actually work, you would be better served just pouring the water on them to make them think they pissed them self.