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    I have 86p Play Store credit thanks to Google's Rewards app, and I'm itching to spend it on something. Being a naturalised denizen of the internet, I've become accustomed to pretty much blocking out anything that wants money from me, and so I don't think I've ever paid for an Android app, and I don't know really know what's out there.

    So what are the best apps that money can buy?

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    If you like tower defence games, Kingdom Rush, KR Frontiers and Origins are probably the best on android. I bought them on sale for about a quid and have put extra ordinary time on them for a mobile game.

    If you like fitness get endomondo premium edition or myfitness pal. Both great apps for people with will power.


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      paid is over rated, even the version of candy crush I use to play had everything free in it.


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        Thanks for the suggestions CH, tower defense games would definitely be a good way to kill time! I'm likely to be getting a tablet soon so might hold off and see what's appropriate for that.


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          You can actually play the original Kingdom Rush on kongregate for free. I highly recommend it. My favourite tower defence game of all time (better than Defence Grid for sure).