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Humble Store End of Summer Sale


  • Humble Store End of Summer Sale
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    Really, if you can't get it from the title, there is no hope for you!

    "The Humble Bundle Store" are having a sale every day from now until the 22nd.
    You might also bag yourself a free copy of "Warlock".
    And for the next ten hours, you can bag yourself a copy of cult classic "Psychonaughts" for 64p
    ( Yes. It seems an odd number, but I wouldn't complain about it!)
    Also, sega classic "Nights" for £1.49
    Telltales other good game "The Wolf Among us" for £7.99
    "Murdered Soul Suspect for £7.49
    Or "The Bridge" for 69p
    Plus lots of others.

    • totally Not Cartoon Head
      Editing a comment
      Ewwww just realised, it is a Paradox game......

      I take it back, it is actually a very nice game, like Civ 5.

    • JackRabbit
      JackRabbit commented
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      And today you can get Europa Universalis IV for £6.99, and whislt everyone almost certainly already has it, Medieval II is 64p.

    • JackRabbit
      JackRabbit commented
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      Now its "Encore" day, featuring some of "the best" deals of the last fortnight.
      Have to admit there are some good deals there...

      Democracy 3 for £3.99 is a pretty entertaining way to while away a Sunday afternoon.
      Europa Universalis for £6.99
      Prison Architect for £6.66

      Also, whilst I am sure everyone already owns it, Tropico 3 is the free giveaway.
      Which means (I think) I now have three free copies to hand out!
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  • Bollocks.
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    Don't I feel stupid.
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    Maybe I will give other shit away in this fashon, because clearly the whole "write and article" isnt working.

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