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First Bards Tale IV in game footage.


  • First Bards Tale IV in game footage.

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    Ancient RPG "The Bards Tale" revival continues apace with its kickstarter campaign now at $965 000 of its 1 250 000 target (and with 36 days to go, it seems all but confirmed that this is a go ahead) and InXile have released the first in engine footage.
    To quote the press release :-

    "We finally put the finishing touches on the video for The Bard’s Tale IV In-Engine Video. The biggest question we get is how we plan to bring the genre forward, and this video should answer the question. Exploring in the world is a major part of the experience and we wanted to make use of the full screen and all that Unreal has to offer to make it as compelling as possible. Once combat starts, the combat shifts out of the first person mode. We are still debating the best ways to present combat as that is ultimately dictated by the final budget, but rest assured it will be party and turn/phase based.
    The song you’re hearing was written and performed by multi-award winning Gaelic singer and multi-instrumentalist Julie Fowlis, who you may know from the two songs she contributed to Disney Pixar’s major motion picture, Brave. You may also know her from her own albums, too. Julie Fowlis grew up in a Gaelic-speaking community immersed in Scottish culture, and the songs she will contribute to The Bard’s Tale IV’s soundtrack will make the setting that much richer.
    From Julie herself: "Éamon and I are delighted to have contributed music for the iconic game The Bard's Tale. For us, it has been a fascinating journey exploring and creating music, drawing from the depths of our ancient Scottish Gaelic tradition, and marrying it with the fantasy world of a renowned computer game, now 30 years old." We hope you enjoyed this first look at The Bard’s Tale IV!"

    Pfft, If other gaming sites can pass off promotional E-Mails as an article, I don't see why we can't do it here!

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    • JackRabbit
      JackRabbit commented
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      No idea, but in the original games you would give your orders to your characters who would then carry out those orders simultaneously with the NPCs dependent upon their agility.

    • Burglar
      Burglar commented
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      Well that looks pretty exceptional. Obviously very nice graphically, but also very atmospheric too.

      Seems like a daring change in play style for inXile too, can't wait to see more of it.

    • Belimawr
      Belimawr commented
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      it does look interesting.
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