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    Ban This Sick Filth

    Now I hope you are all proud of yourselves!
    Collectively, as a group, you should hang your heads in shame!
    Do you see the damage you have wrought? With all your #gamer gate conspiracy nonsense and shameful painting of Social Justice Warriors like myself as professional victims actively seeking out anything to be offended by and to morally rally against, when we simply want to improve society!
    To make the world a more inclusive and welcoming place for everyone! Well except for morally repugnant people who simply do not agree with us. They are clearly wrong and who wants to hang out with them anyway? After all, who could possibly be opposed to social justice?
    I’l tell you who.
    However in your naivety and infantile ranting a small minority of vocal misogynists have managed to silence the vast overwhelming support and backing we have to push us to the fringe, and allow filth like Borderlands to go unchallenged!
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    Popular “Bazillion gun” totting comedy FPS franchise has long traded on its humour to pass off some really despicable acts of social conditioning which are so obvious and blatant, its amazing that Gearbox thought that no-one would notice.
    Its even more shocking that no-one did
    THIS is why you need Social Justice Warriors to point such things out, because you people are clearly too stupid to see it yourselves!
    “So what is this injustice?”, I hear you all ask, “What could possibly be so obvious and sexist that you call us stupid because we didn’t notice it?”
    Well, did you ever notice those raiders in Borderlands? Those cannon fodder who make up approximately 90% of the bullet sponges you are encouraged to slaughter throughout the franchise? Ever noticed how you are encouraged to set them on fire? Dissolve them in acid? Get extra kudos for a particularly well placed head shot?

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ID:	4761 I have a Penis.
    Indeed I would bet that after you waded through villages, exterminating vast swathes of raiders in ever more inventive ways, I bet it never occurred to you that they were all men? And as you were being socially conditioned to see violence against men as acceptable I bet you never once asked yourself one simple question….”where are the women”?

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    We used to have a penis

    They never show their faces! In the thousands of male raiders that you are encouraged to arbitrarily slaughter, not once do you see a female raider. Clearly being restricted to their houses! Forbidden from ever setting their feet outside the tin shack hovels that they call their homes. Can you believe that in 2014, Gearbox thinks its acceptable to restrict female videogame characters to an invisible role behind their own front door!
    I’m sure you agree, its DISGUSTING!
    I’m sure they think that a society where 32% of victims of violent crime are women should be doing more to reduce that figure, but suggesting that women can only be protected by never allowing them to venture outside is exactly the sort of thinking that allows the patriarchy to continue to have such influence.
    So unless you want to live in a society where sexism is so prevalent that 95% of workplace fatalities happen to one gender then I suggest you write your MP and demand that they

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