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JackRabbits Shameless Content Push.


  • JackRabbits Shameless Content Push.

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    Rise of Nations, released over a decade ago (arn't we getting old!) it managed to expertly merge the scale of the Civilisation games with the action, excitement and speed of a traditional RTS, and whilst its currently available on Steam for £3.74, you never know, some kindly associate might buy the 4-pack and hand out copies for free.
    Unfortunately for you lot, that kindly associate isn't me, I want you to dance for your "free" game!
    So in a shameless attempt to get someone else to write an article, I offer a copy of Rise of Nations Extended Edition to anyone who writes an article and uploads it in the next three weeks so you have plenty of time to flex your creative abilities.

    I will be using a complex set of algorhythms to select the winner, which will hopefully extend beyond giving a copy to the only person who posts an article!

    Start your musings.......

    Belimawr note if we get more than 5 entries I'll throw in a copy of Tales from the Borderlands for the best article. (also once this is over I will be doing a bigger contest running up to Xmas)
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      as far as I remember if you past from the likes of Word to the forum post form thingy it actually keeps the formatting. (bold, underline and stuff)

    • JackRabbit
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      Mostly it does. Sometimes needs a bit of tidying up.

    • JackRabbit
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      OK bitches, theres still two copies up for grabs, and you have a week to do it!
      Thats £15 worth of gaming up for grabs (You know. Unless you realise you will be able to buy it for about £4 in three weeks time. But hey, thats still almost the price of a pint! (In London)).
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