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  • CloudBuilt

    Ahh gaming.
    Such a wonderful hobby, and one that I have dedicated many, many years to. So many that now a-days many gaming activities, whilst still fun, seem a bit bland.
    I remember the days when I would retire to bed, some three hours after I should have done, because I needed just one more turn to complete the Great Pyramids, and then in bed I would dream about defeating Sarevok, or have nightmares about my tank being killed by a spearman.

    Gaming has been a wonderful mistress, but I feared that the days of being so immersed that I dreamt of games were long since passed.
    But last night I had a dream.

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    I dreamed I was playing what seemed to be a simple platform game. Levels suspended in the ether with the simple task of making it to the exit. There were patrolling robots, force shields and laser turrets, standard gaming fare, which you could disable with a quick blast of your hand gun. The controls, initially a bit twitchy, but with a bit of practice would see you wall sliding and leaping bottomless chasms with ease, gliding around the level like a gazelle on speed.
    However the levels themselves were only the introduction, the real fun began once you had completed the level, once you knew how to "do it" as it were, for at this point the clock is unlocked and the world opens up.
    What was once a simple platform game, becomes the ultimate parkour simulator, with times being stored on a central server for the world to observe.
    The level of satisfaction as your level time drops from ten minutes to five, to three as you fine tune your sprints, dodge the lasers, discover the superleap that will shave a fraction of a second off your level time is something that I havn't experienced in a long time. The frustration at when you miss a jump to plumet to your death, coupled with the elation at executing the perfect wall slide is only matched by the amazement you will feel that your two minute level time is still a minute and a half slower than the top of the leaderboard.

    I have no freaking idea how they are doing it! But I was damn well determined to find out.
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    Its cell shaded art style seemed the perfect choice for the atmosphere the game was going for, and whislt it seemed to have some bobbins story involving you in a coma whilst your astral projection took part in the game proper.
    Of course I immediately thought that I was reminiscing of Mirrors Edge, but this would have been like comparing Wipe-out to Gran Turismo.
    But JackRabbit, you all cry out in unison, surely you are describing indie game "Cloudbuilt" by Coilworks, currently available on steam for £14.99! You must have played that and not had a dream at all!
    Pfft, don't be ridiculous. A video game with a non objectified female protagonist? They don't exist.
    Gamers hate women.
    Everyone knows that.

    Gazelle /10

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