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Jackrabbits MONSTER gaming givaway


  • Jackrabbits MONSTER gaming givaway

    So, in a little over a month the Pre-Sequel to Borderlands is released to the gaming masses, promising the same sort of wacky humour and bullet soaked mayhem as it’s predecessors.
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    Its large, well built and stylish lands filled to the brim with all sorts of weird and wonderful denziens, what better way to prepare for it than with a free copy of
    Monster Loves You
    (What, you thought it was going to be the Pre-Sequel?!?! Do you think I’m made of money?)
    The really quite endearing “choose your own adventure” game of life as a monster in a faraway land.
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    I’ve two copies to give away and in order to be in with a chance all you need do is describe what sort of monster you would be.
    Winners will be selected on 21st September (Or whenever/if there are two entrants, whichever comes last)
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