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Ban this Sick Filth : - Osmos


  • Ban this Sick Filth : - Osmos

    Ban This Sick Filth
    Here we stand again, the world looking on in horror as an extinction causing haemorrhagic pandemic guaranteed to destroy civilisation as we know it.
    Clearly this distraction causing sleight of hand allows the REAL dangers to sip past the censors unheeded! And one such CLEAR danger is Osmos, by Hemisphere games.
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    Winning much admiration for its minimalist, meditative gameplay you are represented in the gaming world as a “mote” who is tasked with traversing the game world, eating up smaller “motes” in order to grow in size, the challenge being to preserve your own mass as every time you expend energy to move, you shrink in size.

    Can you believe it.
    In a world where morbid obesity is a growing problem, indeed a quarter of men in the UK are classified as morbidly obese, a game that actively encourages you to get as big as possible is taking a reprehensible moral stance on this issue!
    And it can hardly be co-incidence that after the release of this “game” figures showed a fall in the number of Britons who regularly partake in regular exercise.
    With each morbidly obese person costing the NHS up to £80 000 a year, this ticking economic time bomb simply cannot be sustained.
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    However, even worse than encouraging a nation of overweight salad dodgers to sit around eating themselves into an early grave, this game encourages even further acts of moral depravity.
    You see, it is only by absorbing smaller motes that you can grow. And with endemic bullying a significant issue with many young people how Hemisphere games really thought they could get away with this is beyond me!
    With 118% of children now being bullied through social media sites such as myspace and hotasians the release of a game that actively encourages you to victimise those smaller than yourself can only be described as morally blinkered, especially when, by encouraging morbid obesity you will find far more people are smaller than you and whom you could then bully!
    Now have I played this cesspit of filth and depravity, no, clearly not, I would rather not risk my health, svelt figure or knock down the moral pedestal from which I dispense judgement. But in the finest traditions of moral crusaders everywhere, I don’t actually have to know what I am talking about, before I cast it into the fires of moral righteousness!
    If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this weeks “Ban this sick filth” there are plenty of places to find help and assistance

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      All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are intentionally left in as an excercise for the reader!

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