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The Hype Train has left the Station.


  • The Hype Train has left the Station.

    Soon to be top dog in PC Strategy, Paradox Entertainment has released (well, a week ago) more promotional material for its soon to be third zeitgeist strategy game (joining Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings).
    And in the vein of PC gaming sites everywhere (who failed to pick up on this one strangely enough) we get to simply post the you-tube video, ramble on about nothing for a paragraph, and call it news.
    That should just about do it.

    • Boa
      Boa commented
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      Hopefully they follow suit and make it more accessible like their previous releases in other series.

    • unclecid
      unclecid commented
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      ya it is one of those games i want to love but fail badly trying to play.

    • JackRabbit
      JackRabbit commented
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      I have the third game but never gotten around to trying it. I suspect that following the success of EUIV and CKII it's going to do quite well.
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